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•Two minutes WITHOUT Teance….Hydration word of the Day is Laugh!

•Today’s show brought to you by Gulf Coast Go:

•Weird Go Fund me drives

•Frankie the pink dog needs stuffed

•Taxiderm my big rat

•Stupid Contributors: asked for $500 to pay off a ticket

• Newton is a non releasable male opossum

•Fund to send woman around the world for spiritual healing:

•Matt and Thomas’s Burning Man Fund

•Get Brett some Yoga Training:

•Giant Lionel Ritche Head

•Water Bottle that tells you how much you drank

•Fund to prove the earth Flat:

•Whiskey Flavored Cologne.

•Teach birds how to fly

•Twerk Island Movie:

•Drink a Red Bull in every state:

•Nick Cage Dating App:

•Fish on Wheels:

Nothing Scripted on 30a TV Crowdfunding Episode


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