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30a media Channels

Channel 201 30A.tv NW Florida based television channel. “Information, Entertainment, Beach Style” peppered with a variety of original programming from Pensacola to Apalachicola Florida. Find the best eateries, things to do, and the people and places you will want to visit.

Channel 202 Sidewalks TV For many years, Sidewalks Entertainment has been presenting an unbelievable amount of celebrity interviews and rising musical artists to TV and online audiences across the country. The TV show has been a popular entertainment choice to get an up-close and personal with today’s and yesterday’s biggest stars

Channel 203 Fishing Offshore Darcie is a female angler who can tie knots, rigs, gaff fish, throw a cast net and bridle live bait, kite fish and more!

Channel 204 Music Channel Remember when MTV was nothing but music videos ? Well here is the channel you have been waiting for, just pure music videos, one after the other.

Channel 205 Nothing Scripted TV – Gathering of weird news from around the USA and the world. There’s no doubt you’ll laugh, gasp, or maybe even cringe at Floridaman, the terrible jokes and crazy world around us.

Channel 206 Investment Pitch News Reach high income viewers – Investment Pitch primarily produces an innovative marketing package consisting of a short 3 minute video news alert, which is distributed worldwide across the Internet, and also embedded into a traditional text-based globally disseminated news release

Channel 207 The Beach Show Real Estate in and around the panhandle. Find your piece of paradise in Florida. Take tours of properties, shopping and the places near where you could live, The Beach !

Channel 208 Loomered TV Laura Loomer is the most banned woman on the internet. Laura’s investigations have uncovered flaws and loopholes with Social Media giants, campaigns and companies, the truth’s you need to know.

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