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30a Media is a leading broadcaster of hyperlocal TV and video programming, emulating the spirit of the communities  we serve through our dynamic and entertaining programming. 30A Television is one of many channels we broadcast. 30A TV is – Information – Entertainment – Beach Style ! and be sure to download our apps from App Stores, ROKU, Fire TV and much more. 



We’re a Visit Florida partner – Florida’s state marketing body

Visit Florida is the tourism marketing organization for Florida. Visit Florida is an on-line and print resource for guests visiting the state. Finally, it also provides information on attractions, nature, resources, events, accommodations, and much more.


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    About the Area

    “30a” is a Florida designated scenic highway where 15 beach town are nestled on an 18 mile eclectic mix of new urbanisim and old Florida. The area has been largely unheard of in past years, but that’s changing fast. The towns are visited by over 4 million people a year almost year round, and spend close to $2 billion when they are here. 30a TV provides information on businesses, events, artists and music in and around the area. The movie “The Truman Show” was filmed here in Seaside. Google recently named Santa Rosa Beach #1 Ecity as the most mobile and online connected city in the entire USA.

    30a has a different “feel” and lifestyle people are embracing from all over the country and beyond. Our goal is simple, to be the #1 video resource for information for those who are here to enjoy the beautiful Emerald Coastline and all it has to offer.

    It’s the lifestyle, people ! 30a is filled with folks on a short or extended break away from the big city life, ready to unwind, find a trail, get their toes in the sand, maybe fish a little, or just eat some. So they want to shop, dine, and find their adventure, and 30a TV shows them how.

    Put your business in front of our viewers. Target the show genre that suits your business demographics so as to make full use of the diversity we have among our discerning viewers. We will then help you put forward the commercial to enable tracked responses, so you know we are doing our job.

    About Our Viewers

    – Our demographic is primarily 35-65 year old visitors and 2nd homeowners
    – They are affluent and discerning
    – They expect the best possible experience while on vacation
    – Most have families here with them
    – They dine out
    – They may make retail purchases, seek real estate as 2nd home, relocation or retirement
    – They seek services to enhance health and beauty
    – They are on vacation and wish to enjoy themselves and relax

    Through our ROKU OTT, AMAZON FIRE TV network, mobile, website and syndicated partnerships, we are maximizing your exposure to this affluent and high net worth demographic. They are relaxed and open to making plans as to where and what they will spend their time doing, and open to making purchase decisions.

    We have the influence and reach to help them make these decisions that will optimize their visit. Photos and text is great, but statistics show time after time the power of television and online video leave a lasting impression

    Our programming is an interesting mix of original unscripted material such as the popular “3 Julias” cooking show, to Backstage With Cortni, on to real estate and community events. We also syndicate other shows such as “Always Hunter” and Billionaires Coast.

    We have filmed and attended over 300 charity events, interviewed celebrities and Governors, but the real stars we have, are the characters that visit and live in the area. This engaging mix creates instant interest when we release new footage, which is almost daily. Over 4 million videos have been viewed since January 2016.

    Our broadcasts are a combination of television broadcast,  Internet, mobile devices, Apps, and national syndication. www.30a.tv
    Our own website membership tops 56,000, and is available for email promotions (ask for details)

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