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Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love N Pops and Modern Air -- Kahns Furniture Miramar Beach -- Gulf World: Paula stuff. Hydration word Let me tell you about….Nothing Scripted in Syndication in Atlanta, Duluth Paul’s jokes this week…. The Nothing Scripted Cruise 30aScene April Fools Article Guess the Commercial -- Part 2 of our first segment we did previous episodes VIDEO with subtitles - Paul has it The week in News: Arkansas men arrested for testing bulletproof vest on each other Florida man was high on erotic-themed nitrous oxide when he killed lawyer, police say Thieves-try-to-siphon-gas-from-bus-only-to-suck-out-sewage-by-accident-instead Florida Man arrested after police find five bottles of Fireball in his golf cart Our Boy Joe Biden, who has been accused of various creepy behavior. He is meme gold this week No Hiden from Joe Biden Can your feel me Biden for liberty Doe Biden Joe and Beto 50 Shades How Does that grab ya Truth or Dare Campaign Shirt

Nothing Scripted Banned Commercials Biden Snuggles Edition

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