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3. Paula stuff. Hydration word
4. Paul’s jokes….
5. The Nothing Scripted Cruise
6. Since we have a cruise to Mexico coming up in December, Uncle Wes thought it would =be good to learn some important phrases in Espanol.
7. Viewer Assignment: Describe a Movie Plot Badly
A billionaire devotes his fortune to cosplay and beating up the mentally ill. Batman Begins
American invades foreign land, kills local leadership, struggles to find exit strategy. Wizard of Oz
Woman abandons all her standards to win back a horny teenager with greasy hair. Grease
A Diverse group of friends spend 9 hours returning jewelry. Lord of the Rings
A Family’s first AirBnB experience goes horribly wrong. The Shining
Multiple-amputee, burn-victim war veteran reunites with his estranged children. Star Wars/Return of the Jedi
The week in News:
*Someone is leaving bowls of mashed potatoes on cars, porches, mailboxes in Mississippi
*Woman stabs boyfriend after he farts in her face during argument
*This Florida Mayor Allegedly Loves Doing Crack And Shooting At Cops
Woman wrecks car after seeing spider riding shotgun with her
*Three naked women ‘air drying’ at a Florida rest stop send troopers on a chase
*Holding in a fart means you might ‘breathe it out your mouth’
*Florida man threatens to destroy everyone with army of turtles, police say
Oregon deputies raid bathroom with guns drawn, find trapped Roomba
*Florida Man buys $8 million island then steals from Kmart
*Man shot to death at Florida Waffle House after handing out $20 bills, paying for meals
*Woman stole Walmart scooter to drive to Waffle House
*Canadian man died in Florida; His family said they drove back to Quebec with his body to avoid US hospitals
Panama City police continuing to investigate Cove shooting
*Minutes after being released from jail, a Florida man was arrested in the parking lot for breaking into cars
*Thong-wearing Florida man arrested while building shed with garbage on stranger’s property
*Florida Man Steals Entire Church
Teen bitten in face by poisonous water moccasin — video

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