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Thanks so much for everyone who has donated, time, money, and talents to help with Hurricane Michael Relief. CutAthon at AvantGarde Salon and Spa on Sunday 10-5 Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love N Pops & Modern Air : Paula stuff. Announcements: Halloween is coming up. Paul’s Jokes ProtraiNews from Canada Sad news -- Beer stealing pig, Swino, passes away. Our Boys in Blue are busting a dude for not paying his taxes. Let’s roll the footage. Terrible Halloween Costumes: Bert and Ernie Barbie Sheep Shagger Whatever the hell is this World War II evacuee Smurfs This Squirrely guy This Parent of the year This 70’s gem Teenage Mutant Low Budget Turtles Ummmm...this HAHAHAAHAHA Smurf or X-men? The Hulk...maybe? This Image embodies what you’ll see at walmart this time of year Ghetto Iron Man Not “My Little Pony”’s my homie Tony. Christmas around the corner

Nothing Scripted Bad Halloween Costumes

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