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Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love 'n' Pops and Modern Air Solutions, LLC Hashtag #NothingScriptedTV on Instagram, FB and Twitter Share Paula stuff. Announcements: Witches Ride (show video) Paul’s Jokes Trending News Trump accordian playing Cheerleader Trades Homecoming Votes for Pot Brownies Grandma takes out teeth to scare off off nude man Novelist - Murder’s husband after writing a book on How to Murder Your Husband charged with murder Instagram goes down Bearded Lady - (It’s a long video but we can watch and hear her speak for a few… it’s weird) Another Bearded Lady Dashcam Video: Police Tase Man Who Allegedly Stole A Tractor Florida Man Driving Car Full of Stolen Mail Crashes into Trailer Full of Alpacas First day of kindergarten? Chinese school welcomes kids with a pole dancer Irish TV Bloopers Announcement from Paula -

Nothing Scripted 2018 Unicorns glitter and sparkles

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