Nothing Scripted – This Week
1.Intro: Hashtag #NothingScriptedTV on Instagram, FB and Twitter 30a Television
2.Two minutes about Teance Blackburn…. word of the Day!
3.Welcome Amy Walsh and Friends from Fore Her Local Breast Cancer Charity. 5th Annual Fore Her Golf Outing
4.It’s Fall and you know what that means? #Pumpkin #Spice. Here are a few jokes and tweets that commemorate this time of the year.
a.If you say “pumpkin spice latte” in the mirror 3 times a white girl in yoga pants will appear & tell you all her favorite things about fall
b.Weird how it’s only August and I’ve already muted “Pumpkin Spice” on Twitter.
c.Someone spilled a pumpkin spice latte and now a bunch of ants are making brunch plans and doing yoga
d.Chemistry notes: “If you ACCEPT a pumpkin spice latte you are BASE-ic”. (Basic Defined: only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending)
e.McRib is to Dudes as Pumpkin Spice Latte is to uptight white girls.
f.So I couldn’t even and *poof* I turned into a white girl with a pumpkin spice Latte and now I’m crying because I don’t have enough shoes.
g.The Pumpkin Spice Latte Challenge! We’re raising money for poor  girls who can’t afford Uggs this season!
h.Smoothest Fall Line by a guy: I love you like a girl loves leggings, uggs, iphones, PSL, and starbucks
5.Some people, however, love them:
b.The PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) is a fundamental piece of American culture and to consider otherwise is treasonous
c.If  people keep behaving like this, they might not let us have pumpkin spice this year
d.Bro if you kill me before pumpkin spice latte season I’m gonna be heated a new Adele album during pumpkin spice ugg season what a time
f.Some girls even admit to being basic: I always feel the need to apologize after ordering a pumpkin spice latte. Like, I’m sorry I’m so basic but I need this right now.
g.I can hardly wait to get thru today so that I can go to Starbucks, get a pumpkin spice latte, and selfie the way God intended
h.”Why are you wearing jeans, boots, long sleeves and a scarf while drinking a pumpkin spice latte it’s hot out??”  Girl: “uhm it’s September..”
i.”If you’ve never seen Frozen or had a pumpkin spice latte?

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