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One of the questions to ask yourself when considering an advertising campaign is this; Do you want to be Present, Competitive, or Dominate your current market ? 30A Media has a package to fit any of the 3 areas you want to choose. Obviously, each aspect you want to take on can determine your pricing. 30A Media Broadcasts EIGHT 24 hour channels of content in over 30 syndicated networks, in markets YOU want to reach.  30A Television is one of the 8 channels we broadcast. 30A TV is – Information – Entertainment – Beach Style. Target the show genre that suits your business demographics so as to make full use of the diversity we have among our discerning viewers. We will then help you put forward the commercial to enable tracked responses, so you know we are doing our job. 

We can can put your business in many states and high viewer TV Stations as well as our own. We have the influence and reach to help  make  decisions that will optimize your campaign. ** Now accepting #doge #BTC #ETH #LITE Bitcoin Dogecoin and many more !