30A Media Signs Syndication Agreement with FAST Channels TV

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[MIami, FL, USA – June 15 2023] – 30A Media, a leading provider of streaming television content, is pleased to announce its recent syndication agreement with FAST Channels TV, a prominent multi-channel distribution streaming platform. The agreement aims to expand the reach of 30A Media’s channel offerings and provide viewers with a seamless and diverse streaming experience.

FAST Channels TV is renowned for offering over 200 linear (live) channels and an extensive library of more than 2,000 video-on-demand titles. Their content includes live sporting events, international news, family entertainment, genre-specific music, movies, and TV shows. The platform operates on the concept of Free-Advertising-Supported Television (FAST), enabling viewers to enjoy television programming for free while encountering occasional advertisements.

Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels TV, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “30A Media’s expanding channel offerings fit well with FAST Channels TV. I am pleased to be working with 30A Media and to increase their reach into many more devices.” This collaboration will allow 30A Media to tap into FAST Channels TV’s extensive distribution network, which includes over 55 TV streaming platforms, including Mometu, Zoneify, Freebie TV, Freecast, FlixHouse, CarbonTV, Glorystar, MYLO TV, ISGTV, RadiantMedia, Streeme, Grove Street FM, Megogo, RAD.live, and VivaLive.

The agreement encompasses two key aspects. Firstly, the centralized management platform will consolidate the 30A.Media TV network of channels, facilitating seamless distribution across various connected TV platforms. This consolidation ensures that viewers can access 30A Media’s content effortlessly on new and existing streaming TV platforms. Secondly, the partnership provides content partners with monetization opportunities while offering valuable insights into earnings and viewership metrics.
Where to Watch on Mometu

https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431286 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431287 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431288 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431289 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431296 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431290 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431291 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431292 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431293 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431294 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431295 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431297 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431298 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431299 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431300 https://play.mometu.com/live-tv?channelId=431301

Paul Vizard, CEO of 30A Media, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This is a great opportunity for 30A TV. Viewers can now access our content on new and existing streaming TV platforms in a seamless viewing experience.” By leveraging FAST Channels TV’s extensive reach and user base, 30A Media aims to amplify its presence in the streaming television landscape.

About 30A Media:

30A Media is a pioneering provider of streaming television content, offering numerous channels of 24/7 programming under the 30A TV network. The platform serves as a gateway for content producers such as YouTubers, filmmakers, and video podcasters to expand their reach and showcase their content on streaming TV outlets. For more information, please visit www.30a.media.

To learn how FAST Channel TV’s can help you to deploy an end-to-end white label TV streaming platform, maximize monetization, expand channel lineups, and onboard new partners, contact us at info@fastchannels.tv

30A Media Signs Syndication Agreement with FAST Channels TV

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