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Max McCann and the 30A Amigos release their latest CD this week, available now via download or shipped by CD Baby. Max has been thrilling 30a audiences for many years on the coast with a great mix of rocking blues and even a touch of reggae. Everyone can remember the skills of Stevie Ray  Vaughan and Max can be counted in this arena with some crazy good riffs and fret leaps. The new album 30A AMIGOS, Beach Mountain Blues. 10 original songs recorded with Ted Cobena, David Goldflies and Roy Lovell . CDs will be available for sale as we celebrate the release of some great tracks on this album. One true favorite is set to emerge, 4 way Blinking Light. Inspired by the 4 way stop light at Grayton Beach, this song give a meaning to some of the cool quirks of 30A that sets the area apart.  Combining forces with David Goldflies – 6 string bass player originally playing with the Allman Brothers Band, Ray Lovell drums and funky Ted Cobena, this CD is sure to please the music lovers of the area and far beyond. 5 Stars !

Max began writing songs with Mom’s old and rusted Acoustic guitar as early as age 10. He then stole his brother’s Electric Guitar at 12,  hitched a ride from Pennsylvania to California at 17, and in 1991 took a one day trip to Key West that lasted 10 years ….

He has been writing, recording and performing around the world in one way shape or form ever since.


Max McCann 30A Amigos CD Release

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