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Roku TV the Cure for Overpriced Cable TV

Tired of Cable TV price increases, switch to Roku TV

Roku TV has over 2000 mostly commercial free channels. The majority have no monthly fee. Can your cable TV provider match that?
Roku.com has created one of the best products in a long time to seriously challenge the cable industry’s iron tight grip on our television entertainment. With the help of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon, more consumers than ever have let go of their expensive monthly cable TV bills and made Roku their primary TV streaming media box. Before Roku and faster internet connections came along, we were very limited to where we could get our TV content from. Satellite and Cable providers were really our only option unless we lived in an area where we could get a decent signal from an over the air antenna. Currently when it comes to media streamers for watching TV, Roku is number one. They offer the most content and it costs nothing extra to own a Roku TV box. That’s right, there is no monthly rental fee. Once you pay for a Roku 3, which is hands down the best choice of the current standalone models. The Roku TV box is yours to keep forever.

Roku Channels For Everyone

The Roku channel store is loaded with channels. Besides the channels you will find in the Roku channel store, there are also a large list of “Private Roku Channels”. These channels can only be installed if you have the Roku Private channel installation link or code. We have put together a rather large list of the best public and private Roku channels. You can view Roku channels by category and add them by visiting our Roku Channels Guide.

Get the Best Performance From Your Roku

  • The Roku 3 comes with both Ethernet and WiFi. We have found that using an Ethernet wire generally gives much better streaming performance than wireless. If possible, hook an Ethernet wire directly from your router and then go into your Roku 3 settings and choose Ethernet as your network connection.
  • You will have less dropouts and lockups interference which is common on wireless WiFi connections. Plus you get the added benefit of streaming at the maximum speed of your internet connection.
  • Avoid Blue Screen HDCP Errors by using only quality HDMI cables. Make sure your HDMI cable is complaint to the latest standards.
  • If you should ever experience a problem, be sure to call Roku customer service quickly to take advantage of their 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. Here is their complete contact information.
If you are still paying too much for Cable or Satellite, why not hook a Roku 3 to your TV. Click here to order your Roku from Amazon and start saving a bundle of cash each month by cutting your cable or satellite TV provider.
– See more at: http://mkvxstream.blogspot.com/2015/01/roku-tv-cure-for-overpriced-cable-tv.html#sthash.t3TXCWat.dpuf

Fix your overpriced Cable TV

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