DUE TO IMPENDING WINTER WEATHER, WALTON COUNTY SCHOOLS TO BE CLOSED TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY BE PREPARED FOR POSSIBLE RAIN, SLEET, ICE, SNOW DeFuniak Springs…Walton County expects to receive moisture and precipitation that may continue through Wednesday evening, January 29th. During this time, our area expects temperatures that will drop to below freezing and there will be a strong potential for ice, freezing rain, snow, sleet or a combination of conditions. Currently, local weather models have our area transitioning from rain to freezing rain or snow beginning in the late afternoon/early evening hours of Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday morning. Beginning Tuesday evening, we have a potential for wind in the range of 15 – 20mph and temperatures falling into the teens and lower 20s with the wind chill. Temperatures will remain in the 30s throughout Wednesday. The minimum temperatures will remain in the low to mid-20s through Thursday morning. With freezing and icy conditions, there is a strong potential for ice to develop on roads, bridges, trees and additional higher elevation areas. Currently the primary concern for our area includes icy roads and freezing rain that could affect trees and power lines. As with any winter storm that includes freezing temperatures, power outages are possible. The Walton County Department of Emergency Management and Public Works will continue to monitor weather and road conditions and will provide updates as they become available. Based on information received from the School System, Walton County Schools will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We encourage the public to continue to monitor their local news and weather stations for weather updates and other potential closings or delays. If at all possible, it is always advised to stay off the roadways during these conditions. If you must travel, the following precautions have been issued: 1. Due to possible icy road conditions, please proceed with extreme caution when traveling. Special attention should be paid to bridges and other higher elevation areas. Bridges can ice over before the adjacent roadways and this condition will affect wooden bridges before paved bridges due to the moisture already present in the wood. 2. Be cautious of black ice conditions as it can be hard to recognize ice on newly paved blacktop surfaces. 3. Residents are encouraged to not run sprinklers onto roadways during this time; as doing so may present a locally icy hazard condition for drivers. In addition, where possible, it is advised that residents winterize all outside water spigots with additional information to keep them from freezing. At your service, Louis E. Svehla Public Information Manager Walton Board of County Commissioners



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