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Coastal Library Summer Reading Programs 2011 Santa Rosa Beach — This year there are three programs for the Walton County Library’s summer reading program theme “One World Many Stories”. The programs for the Coastal Branch Library will begin June 2 and run through June 16 Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. The library is located in the South Walton Government-Education Complex off Hwy 331, at 437 Greenway Trail, Santa Rosa Beach. June 2 — Turtle Bob (Bob Walker) with E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center will present his program on Gopher Turtles. Turtle Bob is an environmental educator at the Biophilia Center at Nokuse Plantation located in Freeport. “The center is designed to train our future leaders, teachers, businesspeople, and parents to become educated caretakers of the rich biodiversity that surrounds us.” “Students of all ages will be¬gin a love affair with nature that will last the rest of their lives. All of us possess an innate propen¬sity for this love for life; our affinity and fascina¬tion for the plants and creatures that surround us is part of our consciousness as human beings — this is biophilia.” http://www.eowilsoncenter.org The opportunity to learn and experience wildlife helps children develop an understanding and appreciation of the world around them. June 9 — Storytelling with Susie Arnold encourages audience participation as she presents “Travel the World with Stories.” Puppets, props and tales of tails!! The stories will have an environmental theme along with stories based on folklore. Storytelling Susie will use a large map to help “map the journey of stories”. She will be looking for audience volunteers interested in participating in a storytelling workshop following through the month of July. Young people are encouraged to learn how to “tell” stories during the Story Telling program and during the workshops with puppets and props. Near the end of the program, everyone is invited to attend a brief planning session to schedule future Storytelling workshops. June 16 — there will be musical entertainment and a sing-along. Bob and Doris Mueller will play their mandolins and Wylie Selman is bringing his ukulele to help with the entertainment. Mr. Selman plays the ukulele and the banjo combo. There will be hands-on opportunities for the children to explore the instruments. Great singing! – Great entertainment! – Great musicality! Friends of the Coastal Branch Library will provide juice with snacks after the program. The children who want to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge can pick up reading logs at the front desk from May 26 through August 5. The children who read ten books will get prizes and books. Even pre-school children can participate if a parent reads to them. So here’s to summer! We are going to have a good one at the library. Please call Linda Thompson at 850-267-2809 for more information, ideas or comments. Video regarding E. O.  Wilson  

Coastal Library Summer Reading Programs 2011

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