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    Alberto Andrea Arthur
    Beryl Barry Bertha
    Chris Chantal Cristobal
    Debby Dexter Dolly
    Ernesto Erin Edouard
    Francine Fernand Fay
    Gordon Gabrielle Gonzalo
    Helene Humberto Hanna
    Isaac Imelda Isaias
    Joyce Jerry Josephine
    Kirk Karen Kyle
    Leslie Lorenzo Leah
    Milton Melissa Marco
    Nadine Nestor Nana
    Oscar Olga Omar
    Patty Pablo Paulette
    Rafael Rebekah Rene
    Sara Sebastien Sally
    Tony Tanya Teddy
    Valerie Van Vicky
    William Wendy Wilfred

    Tropical Cyclones are classified as Tropical Storms and given names when wind speeds reach  39 miles per hour.

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Find out the current beach conditions. Miramar Destin Emerald Coast Gulf of Mexico, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Santa Rosa, Destin, Walton County, Sandestin. Southeast winds and East current the farther we get into May and June. SE winds keeps the J-Grass from pushing in. SW winds are what typically bring it in. What usually comes in with SE wind is Sargassum Grass, and Portuguese Man-O-War. Did you know ? Turtles eat jellyfish and the seaweed as they come ashore to lay eggs on the Emerald Coast, 30A and Santa Rosa Beach Florida