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Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love 'n' Pops -- Modern Air Solutions, LLC-- Kahns Furniture Miramar Beach -- Gulfworld, Panama City Beach: Scout and Cellar Michelle Manley Announcements: Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love N Pops and Modern Air -- Kahns Furniture Miramar Beach -- Gulf World: Scout and Cellar michelle manley Paula stuff. Hydration word Let me tell you about…. Paul’s jokes this week…. Weirdness: Jussie Memes Paula Face painter Wrong song Lyrics The Nothing Scripted Cruise The week in News: Robert Kraft Prostitution Sting Photo of Kraft’s Prostitute Nearly naked man covered in peanut butter visits Dallas dog park Amish porn ring. Enough said. 22 of the strangest album covers of all time Escambia County man allegedly slaps woman with a bowl of chili Florida man charged with throwing toilet at East St. Louis Board of Education Florida man arrested with cocaine-stuffed Lunchables #historyOfOurShow #WeirdNews, #FloridaManStories and #CrappyDadJokesl. All that and more on tonight’s #NothingScriptedTV. #FloridaMan #Walmart #BannedFromWalmart #PeopleofWalmart #CrazyNews #DumbCrookNews #funny #ComedyTV”

The Nothing Scripted Cruise The most Krafty episode ever

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