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Be a Guest on Business Network Television

Be a guest on BUSINESS NETWORK TELEVISION – as part of the 30A TV Network

BUSINESS NETWORK TELEVISION - as part of the 30A TV Network

30A Television is providing local business with video production and airtime to promote your business in a studio setting. Your business is given 100% focus during the video filming. Reach tens of thousands of interested viewers in an instant. Perfect for informing of an expansion, move, or grand opening, or other newsworthy announcement. Press Play Button

William Hung is best known for his American Idol, She bangs audition where he captured the hearts of many around the world! He holds a civil engineering degree from UC Berkeley and has worked as a tech analyst for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. — His album, ‘Inspiration’, sold more than 100,000 copies by August 3rd, 2004. William recently gave a Tedx talk at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


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    ** Businesses; We charge a fee to be a guest on the show unless by prior arrangement or as part of a special promotion.  Pricing depends on the length of the segment, and optional broadcast bonuses. We appreciate your support of this community programming.  Details sent after you fill out the form

    Businesses:  Your segment will air on the 30A Television Network, ROKU and Amazon TV – Facebook LIVE – and of course, online which is also shareable and can be embedded in your website.

    30A TV broadcasts from NW Florida reaching 250,000 daily.

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