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December 5, 2011

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) arrested Joseph Battista, 57, and Sarah Zombori, 21, both of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., for filing a false report of a commission of a crime.  They were arrested Dec. 3.

The WCSO investigation began Dec. 3 after the WCSO received information from Zombori’s boyfriend alleging that Battista kidnapped Zombori and held her for a $100 ransom. Battista allegedly communicated to Zombori’s boyfriend that she would be killed if he contacted law enforcement.

Deputies were dispatched to Battista’s residence located at 231 Somerset Bridge Road in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. where investigators determined the kidnapping allegations to be false and that Battista and Zombori were working together to obtain money from Zombori’s boyfriend.  During the investigation, Battista stated the matter “was a joke.”  

The investigation further revealed a plant on Battista’s patio that appeared to be marijuana. 

At the time of arrest, Zombori resisted arrest by kicking and striking a WCSO deputy. 

Battista was charged with one count of marijuana production, a third-degree felony; and two counts of making a false report of a commission of a crime, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Zombori was charged with two counts of battery of a law enforcement officer, a third-degree felony; one count of resisting a law enforcement officer with violence, a third-degree felony; and one count of making a false report of a commission of a crime, a first-degree misdemeanor.

They were booked into the Walton County Jail. 

For Further Information Contact:
Mike Morrison
Public Information Officer
Walton County Sheriff’s Office
(850) 951-4959 (office)
(850) 401-4612 (cell)


Editor note; Thats all ? $100  ?


Weird News of 30a – Two Santa Rosa Beach Residents Arrested for False Kidnapping Claims

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