Lauren Catanese from The Big Tamale episode one of the Happy Show with Katie Truax and Generosity Life. Dresses by Deja Vue Seaside. happy1 (Katie ) Hi, I’m Katie Traux my husband Rob and I own Soul Center For Health in Wellness Segro Beach. We offer Holistic Healthcare, Chiropractic Care, individual & couples counseling, as well as health life coaching, and healthy living consultation. (Lauren) So getting started they just had the 3rd annual life Thrive Music Fest in downtown Fort Walton. They raised money for the Covenant Hospice in Walton and okaloosa  counties. They had 21 different sponsors, 15 different bands, over 500 ticket holders that went and they raised over $22,000 for the charity, so pretty amazing. Tell us something more about another charity… the booster club, the kids. (Katie) So in Boston there is a social fundraising club called Booster, and 14 kids ages 7-16 started their own charities benefiting causes that they were passionate about – so selling t-shirts that they created themselves. Isn’t that cool for teenagers to do that? (Lauren) They’re building awareness raising money. So I want to put that out there – if there are any kids in the community that have an idea, want to start a charity, want to fundraise for anything that’s going on, I will do whatever I can to promote you. So email me at Lauren@30a.TV and I will do whatever I can to help you guys. I’m sure Katie, the community however, we will do whatever we can to help you guys out. So another – I thought this was a fun little story. This happened in New Hampshire there was a little autistic boy and his mom kept trying to have playdates for him and no one was showing up. He was getting so upset, having a bad summer and the mom actually posted it on social media saying hey please come, we’re going to get this local playground come play. Her and her son went to the playground, they showed up and no one was there. They were just about to leave and all of a sudden a bunch of fire trucks, EMT, police cruisers, just started coming out of nowhere and one of the detectives heard her story on social media and got rallied up and got them all together. So they all went out there and they were all playing with the little boy. It was so cute, and he said it was the best day of his life. It was really sweet, and a lot of good things are going on out there. That’s what we’re going to try to do – bring you some good positive stories in our community and all around. And that’s why I’m bringing on Ms Jinsey. Katie actually turned me onto Jen. (Katie) So yes, I’ve been following on social media. Jen is a local graphic designer and social media expert and she is just super active in all of our local Facebook groups. She created a new group. (Jen) So the new group is called the generosity club. I cofounded it with Tim Chin in Kansas City. We just wanted to have something that was pretty much there for people to just go have and read nice stories about w/ generosity driven stories with everything that is going on negitivly in the world. We could have a lot more positivity. (Lauren) Tell us about some of the stories that you’ve come across that maybe even inspired you. You have a special story about Angelas house. So, tell us a little more about Angelas House. (Jen) So my sister Emily is a mentally challenged and mentally challenged individual and she lives in Angelas house which is a home that was created a few years ago for children that are just like her and it’s been honestly a blessing for me and my family and fr all the families that they’ve touched really. That create homes that are very family driven. You walk in you feel like you’re in a homely environment. Driving past you would never think it was a home for children with sever for disabilities and things like that so it’s really great. If you’d like to check out more about Angelas House you can check it out at Just check out what their doing. They are located on Long Island in New York, but I’m sure the need is needed everywhere so who knows what could happen. (Lauren) So generosity club is a Facebook page where people can go on there and just post differnt happy things and it’s simple things like someone just bought my coffee and I didn’t expect them to or random acts of kindness. That’s what it’d for right? (Jen) Yeah, random acts of kindness, charities that are having events, just generosity driven things. Another great story we had is an artist is creating a bunch of art work starting in 2017 that he’s donating all the money he receives to charities of your choice and he’s not making any money from it so it’s all to just enlighten people of these great things that are happening in other areas. (Lauren) That’s why we brought her on! Okay, so we’re going to take a break. (Lauren) Hey guys we’re back and we are here at Great Southern and Seaside and Deja Vu sponsored our dresses for today so thank you we love the so many cute colorful there so go check out Deja Vu on Seaside if you haven’t already. So on a positive thought Dr Hawkins and Felicia Mccoy shared this information with me. But there’s a doctor and he a scientist of kinesiology and he actually figured out and he was able to collaborate people’s positive vibrations and could tell if people were being positive or being negative. So what he came up with is that one person being positive being in a loving space actually can affect 97,000 negative people. It balances 97,000 people which is an incredible thought. If you ever get overwhelmed about all the negativity, thinking bad things happen to the world – just by you trying to be positive in your own space trying to do whatever you can to get back to a place of happiness, and love, and peace, and gratitude you can actually affect 97.000 people so – (Katie) Absolutely, vibrate higher. (Lauren) We’re going to go around and meet w/ some people like this lovely lady. So tell me what makes you happy besides this beautiful, precious, little doggie. (Random Lady) My husband (Lauren) What’s his name? Not your husband the dog *Laughing* (Random Lady) My husband is Daniel. This is Diesel and he’s a rescue we had him for like 3 weeks. (Lauren) Where did you get him from? (Random Lady) We live in Memphis and they posted somebody please help this baby. So we rescued him he is a catahoula. (Lauren) Welcome to 30a Memphis we appreciate you being on 30a TV thank you very much! He’s so cute. Alright so we’re going to go talk to some more people. We met this lovely lady. What is your name ma’am? (Random lady) My name is Janie Brown. (Lauren) Hi Janie Brown and where are you from? (Janie ) Mobile Alabama (Lauren) We were just talking about how one person being positive actually can affect 90,000 people being negative. So in this moment what is making you happy? What are you grateful for in your life? (Janie) I’m grateful to be here w/ my family – my daughter and her husband from Baltimore. This is our first complete family vacation. So, that’s made me very happy. (Lauren) We’ll thank you guys and be safe. Check out our show! (Katie) We’re doing a small segment on happy news for 38 TV. We’re talking about how one negative thought can change so much energetic vibration they said it helps 97,000 people around you. So, you ready for that? You’ll help us change 97,000 people. What are you happy for right now? (Random lady) Just to be here w/ happy people in a beautiful surrounding and every day when you feel positive it’s just contagious. (Katie) Yes, what is your name? (Random Lady) Carolyn Dorsh (Carolyn) **** Springs, so I just come here to get ma a pick me up, that’s right. Thank you, you’re welcome. (Katie) Thank you Carolyn. (Katie) **** happy and grateful. Now, what are you guys happy and grateful for today? (Random Lady & child) Ummm our family and friends. Well, we’d definitely have to say family. We’re having a good time down here. (Katie) So, where are you guys from? (Random Lady & child) Nashville. (not editable inquiring about drink) (Katie & Lauren) (not editable inquiring about drink) (Random Lady & Child) Ah let’s see – it would be celery, cucumber, apple, and Kale. and lemon. (Katie) Good! Celery, cucumber, apple, kale, and lemon. Wonderful! (Lauren) Well thanks guys, watch our show Big Tamale  thanks! (Lauren) Ok, so you ready? You know that if you’re thinking about something positive and happy, that you’re actually affecting 97,000 people out there. (Random guy) Really? (Lauren) Seriously, they just found that out. So, you’re going to vibrate and share some love out there. So, what makes you happy? (Random guy) I would probably have to say family. (Lauren) So what we’re you going to say *laughing* (Random guy) Well, I was going to say money. (Laren) Since you were going to say money, what does money do for you? (Random guy) Well, it buys things and it make you happy I guess, and it’s nice to have. (Lauren) So money buys you things, so when you buy those things what does it do for you, how does that make you feel? (Random guy) Well, I feel really great, and you can make everybody else feels great too, there’s a lot of things you can do w/ the money. (Lauren) Spread the love – give people what they need. (Lauren) Awesome! So, what’s your name? (Random guy) Brady. (Lauren) So, where are you from? (Brady) Texas (Lauren) Well thank you for coming Brady. Have a good one, see ya! (Lauren) Hi, how are you doing? Can you tell us what makes you happy in your life? (Random married couple) Oh my goodness, everything. (Lauren) When you wake up in the morning and think gosh I’m so happy to be alive or something. What is it that you really think you’re so grateful for? (Random married couple) I think I’m grateful that my car won’t break. (Lauren) Well that’s a good thing to be grateful for! (Random married couple) I’m grateful for all the blessings that I have for the things that I don’t have to worry about. (Lauren) That’s great! Where are you from and what’s your name? (Random married couple) *name not editable * Shalimar Florida (Lauren) Thank you. Okay, hey guys so we are in Seaside and we just spoke to 4 different people about what makes them positive and happy and we have balanced out about 360,000 negative feelings that were out there, in that short amount of time. See, that’s amazing! (Katie) Okay one more happy story before we go out. I’m sorry I’m being kicked by a little 4 year old redhead. So I heard the story and Jen Deep shared this with me. She told me about something that happened in Texas at chick-fil-a. And,you guys have probably already experienced something like this I know I’ve had this happen to me at Starbucks several times. Where somebody pulled up to the register from the drive-thru and went to pay for their meal and the worker said well the person in front of you paid for it for you, it’s already paid for. And so they were like woah really? So then they said okay, well I’ll do that too, and I’ll pay for the person behind me. So, they did, and this went on for 2 hours. How wonderful is that? How much pay it forward and gratitude energy and happy does that spread, right? So how many people in 2 hours? How many negative thoughts were shifting? That’s just like world consciousness shifting. (Lauren) You have to realize all the power that each individual has to make a difference. You might think that you just one person but you’re not we are all energetically. So doing whatever you can to be in a happy space it’s not to say that we all don’t have negative emotions that don’t come up b/c you can deal w/ them it’s okay. Anyways we want to say thank you for joining our segment for the Happy News, check our Facebook page the Big Tamale 30a TV. If you want to be a sponsor , advertise, have ideas for the show if you yourself are a happy news, or know of some of it just give us a call – email me at Lauren@30a.Tv . We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll see you guys next Friday at 12:30 for another edition of Happy News. Thank you, bye guys!


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