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White Paper – Client Overview

Williams Law Firm, Video
Williams Law firm wanted to create a video to reach military personnel effected by faulty 3m earplugs, used in combat and training between 2003 and 2015. Specifically an impactful video alongside a lunch and learn opportunity. The video was designed for a  nationwide, audience and reach even though the event itself was localized.

30A Media created the video below.

30A Media  —  Worked with the client for a “spokesperson”  green screen video.
Distilled most important parts about their explanation and broke it down to simple parts
Filmed multiple videos at once to make allow for multiple platform distribution
Added a number of graphics to help illustrate the content of the dialogue
Video helps humanize the concerns for the potential client, by using audiologist expert in the video
Lots of information about the service offered can be displayed in a simple manner using video that would be much more complicated in static words and pictures
This video helps to explain in a much more personable way how people may be able to be compensated for damage caused during deployment. Many people would prefer to watch a video than read text or look at static pictures, so explaining the process that their core service revolves around helps Williams Law to break down an otherwise complex process into easy steps. Seeing the experts friendly face also helps to show people one of the real people behind Williams Law  – so that they might get an idea from the lunch and learn, or whom they may talk to if they decide to pick up the phone and get a quote, making it much less intimidating.


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