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VRBO changed their business plan – BIG CHANGE for Vacation Renters and OWNERS

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VRBO changed their business plan – BIG CHANGE for Vacation Renters and OWNERS – Watch for VITAL Information https://30a-tv.com
What is VRBO ? VRBO is Vacation Rentals by Owner
There is an ALTERNATIVE !!
Plain and simple, we know what you are going through. We started out as vacation rental owners and fell in love with this business and the Emerald Coast!
We feel there is a pure model of advertising a rental that has been lost when the greedy mega site conglomerates attempted to take over the industry and your business. There is one thing that they forgot, we own the homes.

Our vision for this website is to have as many vacation rental properties in this region listed here so it becomes the number one source for this part of the country. We can do this together, there is strength in numbers. The more properties from your community that list with us, the better it is for you and all of us. The guests want to have a selection to choose from not just one condo, they see that and move on. There is so much business to go around, we need to stick together as an industry to keep our interest ahead of others that are trying to run it for us.

For the guest looking to find a rental, we want to create a large selection of properties in the Gulf Coast Region. That way you know you have one place to come to find your perfect Emerald Coast vacation rental.

vrbo charges guest service fees. vrbo service fee. how much does vrbo charge to list?
Avoid paying fees to vrbo, and homeaway rentals.

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