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Announcements: Open Mic at Redd’s this Wednesday with special Guest Host, your Uncle Wes

Nothing Scripted Women on inflatable rainbow unicorn

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One thought on “Nothing Scripted Women on inflatable rainbow unicorn”

  1. 30A says:

    Movie, Books, and Comments only segment.
    In the news this week: (Hope to have a segment intro graphic today)
    Women on inflatable rainbow unicorn rescued from Minnesota lake
    Lunch Lady Larceny? Cafeteria Workers Allegedly Stole Half A Million Dollars
    Nope, Those Aren’t Mailboxes: Paris Rolls Out Sidewalk Urinals
    Court Grants Permission To Destroy World’s Tallest Waterslide
    Pauls Stupid Jokes — video – intro — then 2 jokes – memes
    Videos shot in a format that pisses Paul Off
    Video of wanted felon getting tased during foot chase goes viral
    Grandma Riding in the back of the Truck
    Possible New Segment where we take a trending hashtag and either make fun, share, or come up with funny lines: This week: #Parenting In5 WordsOrLess…. Might add a few more words
    I’m gone whoop yo ass!
    Who wants a beating?!
    (No words just the stink eye)
    Go ask your mother
    Just after you put them to bed, “I’m thirsty!”
    I’ll stop this car!
    Shoulda wore a condom.
    Whose kid are you?(When she does/doesn’t something I would never do)
    I remember sleep…it was awesome.
    Did you brush your teeth?
    Are we there yet?

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