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Sponsors Paula Modern Air Kahns Furniture PHO KING Dumplings Paula Was on Kelly Clarkson. Cue Video Julias Premier Monday 9pm Paul’s jokes this week…. The week in News: Ore. woman accused of serving bean dip laced with meth to co-workers Two altar boys were arrested for putting weed in the censer-burner Florida woman didn’t get enough tomatoes so she chased grandpa with a knife, deputies say There's Soap That Makes You Smell Like Gunpowder, Campfire, and Whiskey Man chugs 7 beers for courage to surrender to jail, Texas cops say. He wasn’t wanted. California police officer must call off chase after Tesla patrol car's battery runs low UPDATE: Testicle biting incident on 600-pound camel leads to local couple being cited Montgomery, AL: Woman In Critical Condition After She ‘Blew Up Her Vagina’ Using A Fire Extinguisher American drowns after proposing to his girlfriend underwater in Tanzania Man stunned as passport photo check sees lips as open mouth 'THIS JUST IN: TAXATION IS THEFT: Cool or Funny VIDEOS and/or Images of the week… Pneumonia Sound (Linear:Item01) Playing the Flute while riding a Turtle Cock Sound (Linear:Item02) Walking your dog with a drone Sound (Linear:Item02) We all need encouragement sometimes. Sound (Linear:Item01) Friends. No Sound (Linear:Item01) Not So Smooth Criminals No Sound (Linear:Item01) Cam Newton Memes

Nothing Scripted – Paula was on Kelly Clarkson – Florida Man News and more

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