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Today’s show brought to you by Gulf Coast Go and Modern Air Solutions, LLC

Two minutes with….Special Guest Host Paula.

Crazy News this Week:

How Wes Knows the Apocalypse is nigh:
Today’s show brought to you by @Gulf Coast Go:
Two minutes hydration word #chocolate
Crazy News this Week:
Cows Chase Suspected Car thief. #livepd #cows
@Okaloosa County #Florida Man Strips, runs through the mall and makes whooping noises at the cops.
Man who stripped nude at a Planet Fitness thought it was ‘judgement free zone,’ police say
@Florida Man swings at beach goers in grilled chicken dispute
Argument over politics on Facebook leads to Florida man being shot in buttocks
Man tries robbing a Whataburger with a pair of tongs
How Wes Knows the Apocalypse is nigh:
Someone Created a SPAM Cocktail. And It’s Served In a Can of Meat
Snapchat dysmorphia and Stupid Snapchat pics.
Woman who is in love with a ghost now wants to have babies with him
Idiots Are Actually Pouring Boiling Water On Themselves In New “Hot Water” Challenge
Man found naked in McDonald’s women’s restroom, doing jumping jacks
Helen Redd Paula Marie Pendleton Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen (Destin, Jac McTighe Wes Herndon @Paul Brian Stevens Eric Clapton Mariah Carey Australia Twitter

Nothing Scripted on 30A TV How Wes Knows the Apocalypse is nigh



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