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Welcome the last show of the year

Nothing Scripted New Years Eve 2018-12-28

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One thought on “Nothing Scripted New Years Eve 2018-12-28”

  1. 30amanager says:

    3. Today’s show brought to you by @peacelovepops and Modern Air Solutions, LLC — Hank’s Fine Furniture
    and Gulfworld, Panama City Beach :
    4. Paula stuff. Hydration word
    5. Paul’s Jokes (Our Weekly PUNishment)
    6. Last Weird Florida News of the Year:
    a. Polk Man Hides Legless Fugitive Girlfriend In Plastic Tote
    b. Man Prints Money At Library, Finds Buyer On Social Media: Sherif​f
    c. Couple Get Married, Then Get Arrested
    d. Florida woman who claimed to be God robs mail truck, flees on tricycle, deputies say
    e. Sign It’s A Bad Day: When Your Canoe Gets Stuck On A Gator’s Back
    f. Vinoy Valet Hands Over Keys To $300,000 Ferrari To Wrong Guy
    g. ‘Flart’ Films His Flatulence; Internet Catches Wind Of It
    h. Accused Car Thief Arrested With Monkey Accomplice
    i. Goodwill Store Evacuated After Grenades Donated: Report
    j. Woman Says She Ran Naked Through Park To Escape Giant Spider
    k. Pasco Sheriff: Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty With Cocaine In Pocket
    l. Police: Couple Stole Motorized Shopping Cart, Drove It To Bar
    7. Weird Post Holiday News This week
    a. The Christmas Tradition of Drunk Fighting in Peru
    b. Police: Florida man steals Christmas wreath, hangs it on his door
    c. Someone was late for work on Christmas Eve
    d. Woman Gives Birth in Taco Bell Parking Lot, Demands Free Nachos for Her Efforts
    8. Our New Year’s Plans (Fireworks Video)

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