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Drugs down the toilet could cause ‘meth gators,’ cops warn North Carolina couple call 911 on vacuum thought to be intruder Grandma charges her family $45-a-head for Christmas dinner: 'My family are spoiled at Christmas' Bearded man robs bank, gifts money, then yells 'Merry Christmas' CRAZY MISHAP SENDS SPEARFISHING ARROW THROUGH MAN'S HEAD(Video Linear:Item10) Florida man handed out marijuana 'because it was Christmas' Pastor bathes in church, asks church members to drink his bath water and they did TN Man became upset and hostile at Walgreens after finding out they didn't carry "his brand" of mascara. Resolve to not drink orange juice after brushing your teeth. Resolve to only get divorced and remarried once this year. Be more efficient by not washing your hands after going to the bathroom. Write out everything you do on NY’s eve and put the word “stop” in front of it

Nothing Scripted New Years 2020 On its Way

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