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Welcome to Friday before Christmas! Announcements Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love N Pops and Modern Air -- Hanks Fine Furniture and Gulf World : Paula stuff. Hydration word Vote on our Christmas Outfits….tell us who you thinks rocked it. Paul’s Jokes Weird News this Week: Iris Snow Angel Russian artist nails genitals to Red Square pavement in protest act Three Wichitans arrested after knocking on the wrong door Sex Ed Class to Teach 8-Year Olds — Boys Have Periods Too! Hunter thought he was firing at Bigfoot, 'victim' tells police THE GRINCH ARRESTED IN WALTON COUNTY; PORCH PIRATE CAUGHT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF STEALING PACKAGE Way to Handle Porch Pirates : Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap Popeyes offering 'Emotional Support Chicken' at airport Aspen defendant enlists stuffed animal as his attorney Real life Grinch? Florida man tells kids Santa isn't real Some say Santa should be rebranded female, gender neutral NOT SURE IF WE WANT TO BREACH THIS, BUT: Miss Spain makes history as first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe pageant Naked Man pulls down Christmas Decorations Other Weird Crap that shows this world is heading to hell in a Handbasket Human Pups This 650-pound pig who survived cancer has been named the most influential animal on social media Litter Box He had one job Videos and memes that John Shared. What might change if we rebranded Santa as a gender neutral hipster? riffing on this topic. Our Christmas Wish

Nothing Scripted Christmas Irish Snow Angel Episode

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