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Welcome to the BLACK FRIDAY Fight NIGHT EDITION of the show Any Announcements Thanksgiving discussion. Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love N Pops and Modern Air: Paula stuff. Hydration word. Paul’s Jokes Black Friday Brawls: Didn’t even make it to the store Awesome Christmas Decorations: You Can Get a Six Foot Inflatable Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle For Your Yard This Grinch This guy who was cheap and improvised This Naughty Tree Decoration The Poo Emoji is getting a bit old. Now in Tree Decor Wouldn’t be Christmas without a National Lampoon’s reference. Even Santa has to go sometimes. Wonder if this dude is on the Sex Offender list? An idea for your redneck friends This educational display These epic Christmas Fails. Grinch caught in the act. This Lazy Dude Santa Flush So “thong” Satan Claus Other Stuff: Beat Box instruction (You know where it’s at John) Hello Lenny Viral Neck guy gets his Neck Alabama. 'Extremely drunk' curlers apologise after being thrown out of tournament amid locker room damage Darts players let rip as they accuse each other of farting during match I was today years old when I learned about this playing card

Nothing Scripted Black Friday and How to Beat Box

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