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Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love 'n' Unicorns Modern Air Solutions, LLC --- Unicorns-- Scout and Cellar Wine taste and stinky cheese Hashtag #NothingScriptedTV on Instagram, FB and Twitter Share the broadcast, and hit subscribe and the bell on youtube -- See More videos at 30A . TV and download the free apps on the android app store and apple itunes store Paula stuff. HYDRATION WORD Announcements: Paul’s Jokes new intro Superbowl chat plus background whole show -- Later in show we have adverts for this year. Stay watching to see them What is tik tok Deer Cyclist Crash Caught On Camera People of Walmart -- Service Squirrel DUI Inside Bag over kid Another service Gator Service Iguana

Nothing Scripted Football and unicorns while Wes is at Disney

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