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Finally – A Mop That Does The Work For You!

Mopping the kitchen is a messy chore. Worse yet, moving the mop hurts your arms and your back and it can take forever to mop the dirty germs from your floor. Now you can spin away those dirty germs and bacteria the fast and easy way with the Floor Police motorized mop! It’s the lightweight and cordless spin mop that does all the hard work for you

Spins At An Amazing 100 RPMs — Your Ordinary Mop Can’t Do That!

Two spinning mop heads do double-duty spinning hundreds of times every minute. The special reusable microfiber pads have tons of tiny cleaning brushes that loosen, lift, and lock in dirt. It’s a powerhouse cleaning system! Plus, the spinning pads create a self-propelling motion so, just like self-propelled lawnmower pushes forward for you, so does the Floor Police motorized mop! You can push it along with just one finger. This new technology is a faster, easier way to clean your floors. Use just water on the powerful microfiber pads or spray on disinfectant and keep your entire home sanitized and safe!

Cordless & Lightweight for Maximum Maneuverability

The Floor Police motorized mop is cordless and features a powerful electric motor and a rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers 90 minutes of run time so you can easily go from room to room to room – all on one charge. Its swivel head easily moves in and around obstacles and gets deep under furniture. Use it in the vertical position to scrub steps or those dirty, dusty baseboards without missing a spot. You’ll never waste money on reusable pads because Floor Police pads are machine washable and reusable!

Get Floor Police Motorized Mop with two microfiber pads Call 1-800-591-3765

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