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Emeril's Coastal Italian NOW OPEN!  

Emerils Coastal Italian at Grand Boulevard Miramar Beach

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2 thoughts on “Emerils Coastal Italian at Grand Boulevard Miramar Beach”

  1. 30amanager says:

    Located at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin, Emeril’s Coastal Italian is the first of Emeril’s Restaurants in Northwest Florida. Emeril’s Coastal Italian combines the rich and diverse tradition of Italian cuisine with the bountiful variety of nearby fresh Gulf seafood and local ingredients. Chef de Cuisine, Shane Quinlan, will work closely with Chef Emeril to deliver a menu featuring Italian favorites like house made meatballs, Lasagna Bolognese and other house made pasta dishes and creative flatbreads as well as specialties straight from the Gulf. The design of the restaurant compliments the menu using an earthy mix of textures to create a casual, coastal feeling that is complete with elegant and sophisticated touches.

  2. 30amanager says:

    Hi everybody. I’m Redd reporting for 30a Television and we are here in front of Emeril’s Italian Coastal. It is fabulous we just had the most amazing lunch. Including deep fried stuffed olives. Oh my goodness they were so amazing. We had some Linguine and clams. Best ones I have ever eaten in my life and I’m from south Jersey people. We know Italian food. It was so good! The wait staff is very friendly and totally knowledgeable.

    Chef: You guys ordered the olive oil cake and the pistachio gelato. All of our gelatos and sorbets we make here at the restaurant. So this is real pistachio flavors. The waffle cone you’ve seen us making them.

    Reporter: Yes burning yourselves haha

    Chef: This has mascarpone cheese with some sugar lemon and a little more olive oil to help with that flavor and fold in some whipped cream to go with the mascarpone.

    Redd ; We sat right on the kitchen bar. We saw everything that was going on. Chef Emeril was right there in front of us calling all the shots. Along with his son and a great staff of chefs and cooks and all kinds of people. I highly recommend it. It is very reasonably priced. We had a great time and we will be back here many times again to enjoy ourselves. Thanks for watching 30a Television.

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