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This week, Coastin with Carol visits Little Village   ---  a waterfront shopping and entertainment venue located in historic St Andrews.

Coastin With Carol – Little Village St Andrews Panama City

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  1. 30A says:

    A place where you can trade in the sun and sand for shade and serenity. At Little Village you can find items from around the world and from local artists. Much of our inventory comes from fair trade companies that pay above average wages to the craftsmen and give back to improving the living conditions of their communities. That’s why we like to call it “feel good shopping” because chances are that what you are buying is having a positive impact on someone less fortunate.

    Little Village joined forces with Finns Island Style Grub. Bringing you some of the tastiest, freshest menu items you’ll find anywhere on the Gulf Coast.

  2. 30A says:


    Carol: Hey everyone, this is Carol from Coasting with Carol, where I cover all things fun that happened on the Emerald Coast. Today we’re here outside of Little Village in St. Andrew’s Historic District where let me tell you this place is really, really a little village – from the restaurant to the shops inside and to everything that this place has to offer. It’s pretty unique. Let’s go check it out.

    Carol: I’m here with Sandy and Little Village in St. Andrews. So Sandy, how did Little Village all start?

    Sandy: Well, I bought a residential house here eight years ago. It was on commercial and my plan was to furnish the house and put three little heads out there and do a weekend market, but things kept going and going and now it is taken the whole area here on our property and that’s why we call it Little Village because it’s a place you can come shop snack, listen, relax. Well, we do a lot of local artists and we have great talent around Panama City. And on occasions we do house concerts and we’ve had some of the people that come to the 30A festival there – Randall Bramlett, Jimmy Hall, and we’ve just built a new palapa out back, and we hope to have more house concerts in the future. We love music, really love music.

    Carol: That’s great. That’s great. And I love a lot of the eclectic pieces you have as far as the fashion, I’m big on fashion. And the food. So, do people sometimes just come and just shop or is it that they do all in one package? They’re here, they’re hanging out all day, that kind of thing.

    Sandy: That’s the beauty of it. Being in St. Andrews, we have a lot of history in this area. So, you can stroll around we have several craft beer places here. You can just stroll down the streets. Check out all the cool shops and then you can come to a Little Village. We have Finns Island style grub right over here. Nothing but fresh food. We have a grill and that’s it, you know, it’s prepared as you order it and we basically say shop, snack, listen, relax. You can do that all day here just sit here (inaudible) job. We have a lot of eclectic shopping inside. We do a lot of fair trade. We call it feel good shopping because we do like said fair trade, handmade, a lot of local art. We just like to kind of do a hands up instead of a hand out and help them who we can.

    Carol: Tell us what keeps you coming back?

    Woman: The tacos are amazing, the atmosphere, and all the shopping is also completely amazing.

    Carol: Well, we had a great time today here at Little Village thanks to Sandy for touring us around and giving us some great hospitality.

    Sandy: Well, we want to thank 30A TV for coming out and we hope all of you guys over on 30A will take a little day trip and come over and see us. You can check us out at, little villagePC on Facebook and Instagram. So, come see us have a good day with us. Okay? Bye.

    Carol: Thanks for watching. Check more out at

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