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30A Misfits Tour Asbury and Interview Will Shouse

As we are making our way across the country to eventually spend time with family in Kansas, we decided to visit Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. David graduated from Asbury in 2003, and one of his best friends, Will Shouse, who lived in the same dorms is now the head basketball coach. The week we visited, he became the “winningest” coach in Asbury history. David thought it would be fun to do an interview while we were there. The Asbury Head Basketball Coach, Will Shouse, gave an interview that was both fun and heartwarming. He also shared his testimony of when he lost his son and how that has made him a better coach, husband, and father. After the interview we ate at a popular alumni-owned coffee shop and diner, Solomon’s Porch. We then got back on the road and headed to Dayton Ohio.

30A Misfits Tour Asbury and Interview Coach Will Shouse

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