1. Welcome to the the Last Day of November!
2. Announcements
3. Today’s show brought to you by Peace Love ‘n’ Pops and Modern Air Solutions, LLC:
4. Paula stuff. Hydration word.
5. Paul’s Jokes
6. Weird News this Week:
a. Couple forced to prove that New Mexico is a state while applying for marriage license
b. Florida ​Woman passes gas, pulls knife on offended man
c. Florida man stabs woman over undercooked potato, deputies say
d. Florida man recalls near-death hang gliding experience​ Probably should find another
e. Florida Man, woman accused of providing dental services inside bus in northwest
7. Last week helped with your Christmas Decorating, now let us help you find that perfect gift:
a. For people with bad eye sight
b. For those nasty folks in your life.
c. A Great to remember Granny: A Candle
d. For your niece or nephew
e. For the dog lover in your family
f. For your conspiracy theorist friend with cold feet
g. For your British friends
h. For that ugly guy friend with a terrible personality
i. For the Snowbird in your life
j. For the wife.
k. F​or the Crafty Person in your Life
l. For that Handy Person
m. For Friends who need to cover up their Hogwarts
n. A Practical Gift
8. Other Stuff:
a. Dog Jacket Meme.
b. Flu shot Retirement Meme