Went snorkeling at the East Pass Jetty in Destin FL with my Daughter, Niece and Nephew. Lots of tropical fish, but the highlight was the school of Spadefish and the Juvenile Atlantic Blue Tang (which are actually yellow and turn completely blue when adults) spotted when first entering the water which are rare in these waters, then the huge school of Saltwater Shad swimming over the end of the jetty. I was drawn to an up write stone that had clusters of hermit crabs and what appeared to be coral (or some type of oceanic growth) and only after noticed the large Toad Fish to the left of it. Followed the jetty towards the Gulf and saw many large schools of fish and some large Grey Snapper. See more videos on my YouTube channel and Facebook Page! www.facebook.com/GulfCoastSnorkeling www.youtube.com/thetoneman