Nothing Scripted Hot Sauce Tasting
Shout out to our friend and former co host, Teance Blackburn for winning Best Supporting Actress for Verso Verdict in the 100 hour movie challenge.
Paul’s jokes this week….

Viewer Assignment: Describe a movie plot badly:
In a world controlled by a leggy woman, one man comes out: Mad Max Thunderdome
Fat cop chasing a load of hydration across the south: Smokey and the Bandit (John Nash)
Man loses wife in tragic way and has to raise physically disabled son alone. When the child is kidnapped, man goes on rampage with mentally impaired woman to rescue him. (Submitted by Danielle Course.) I think it’s finding Nemo.
Entire Boatload of people take the ice bucket challenge: Titanic. Submitted by Jaun “Dirty” Sanchez
A guy along in the woods kisses dead girl while 7 other dudes watch. Snow White. Submitted by Mike Hunt.
Young socially awkward girl talks with furniture and marries her kidnapper: Beauty and the Beast. Submitted by Richard Head.
A bunch of folks take a series of naps together: Inception, Submitted by Mike Rotch
A young man discovers that having hard wood in your hand leads to all kinds of magic: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone. Submitted by Hugh Jass.
The week in News:
Homeowner finds naked man drinking juice, sitting on couch after break-in
Woman does karate, son gets nude, dog steals cornbread mix from Walmart
Thief stole $21,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret panties
Man Tries to Cure Constipation By Putting a Live, 20-Inch Eel Up His Anus
South Florida Man Thought He Stole Opioids, But They Were Laxatives
Man sues parents for ‘destroying’ his valuable porn collection
Japanese museum show tries to clean up poop’s image
Florida Woman Cuts Boyfriend Up With Box Cutter After Dreaming That He Cheated
Carl’s Jr. will have a special $4.20 CBD burger for 4/20. Here’s where to get it.
Uncle Wes’s Spanish Lessons continued:
Donde esta el hospital
Quiero un final feliz
Pero no de ti
No me gustan los Marshmallows, me enferman.