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Two minutes WITH Teance….Hydration word of the Day!
Crazy News this week:
Florida House considering staying on DayLights savings.
Scientists in China just cloned monkeys — and humans could be next.
We’re having one of those really super rare Super Moons…again…on January 31st.
Lynard Skynard and Elton John Launch Farewell tours.
Brian Stevens Crappy Facebook Jokes: Pull up Paul’s Facebook page. Wtf you outing Paul ? lol
Sneak Peak into this Year’s SuperBowl Commercials #SuperBowl #2018SuperBowlCommercials




The Church of Danny Devito MandM teaser.

Another Skittle with David Schwimmer.

Febreze …hilarious. #BleepDontStink
6. Leather jacket guy Skype #leatherjacketguy
Smartphone depression in kids
Teaser for dumb stunts like fireworks in the nose