SKINCARE EXPLICITLY FORMULATED FOR MEN’S SKIN — USE Discount code Luxelife10  #podcast #manscape #men 

Due to men having thicker, oilier skin and denser facial hair they have different skincare needs than women. We’ve engineered our formula by using key ingredient dosages, so that the formula will be better asborbed through thicker skin to provide the best results possible for our male customers. Many current products contain alchohol for evaporation purposes. Alcohol harms your skin’s protective surface, and depletes vital substances needed for healthy skin, and makes oiliness worse.

Have you ever noticed that in most great stories or movies there are typically two important elements? A Guide and a Hero.

The guide is usually a form of mentor that comes along and helps develop the soon to be hero to realize their unfulfilled potential, so that the hero will ultimately win the day. That is exactly our attitude at BRADOUR. Through our customer centric focus we believe “our story” is really about our customers being the hero. Everything we do is in pursuit of being the guide to elevate and help our customers self-improve and grow into men of greater confidence, charisma, and style.