I’m Anna with That’s So Cool and it’s time to talk about environmental science and conservation. Did you know that Northwest Florida is home to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world?

Coastal Dune Lakes are beautiful but they also are very important to the environment. There are only a few places in the world that have them. And we have them right here in Walton County Florida.

A Coastal Dune Lake consists of three things, sand, water and life.

They could be with saltwater and freshwater mixed together. This means that animals from both ecosystems can be found in the Coastal Dune Lakes. When talking about science it is best to ask an expert. Dr. Hoyer is currently working at the University of Florida studying the water chemistry of the lakes.

By sampling the waters in the lakes we’re documenting what’s there we can see if there is a change. If there is a change then we need to go in and find out what’s causing the change and make sure that we stop those changes to maintain those very unique and enjoyable systems for the future.

Let’s go get some water samples to ship to Dr Hoyer. We take two sets of water samples at each station.

It is really important to label them correctly so that the scientists know where and when the water was collected. But before we get to send the water to Dr. Hoyer we have to prepare it to ship. We will freeze the smaller bottles but we’re going to filter the larger ones. And this is how. First, we pour 500 milliliters of water into a graduated cylinder.

Next, we use a vacuum filter to take the water out of the sample. We put a filter on top of a (inaudible) flask. Then we put this funnel on top and pour the water through. This pump makes the water filter through faster. When it’s done we peel the filter off. It makes a really funny noise.

Finally we put it in the desiccant. This is a special substance that helps absorb the water. Again we have to make sure that we label it before sending it off to the lab. (Inaudible) are really important to the animals in Northwest Florida.

We are so lucky that scientists and environmental groups are working to protect them.

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