We’re on location again. This week we are at Grayton Beach State Park . Tonight the team discusses the fact that Everyone wants to live at a #Florida beach, but did you know, there are some downsides to it?
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Two minutes WITH Teance Wes Herndon Paul Brian Stevens ….Hydration word of the Day SHUT UP PAUL
Everyone wants to live at a Florida beach, but did you know there are some downsides to it?
#BUGS : We don’t wear cologne or perfume, we wear insect repellent and sunblock (John will bring his bug zapper tennis racquet cause it makes killing them fun)
Tourist traffic is terrible, so getting to the beach in the summer and spring break is a tough undertaking.
There are some tourists who feel entitled. They don’t need to cross at crosswalks; their bikes don’t need to stop at stop signs; beach restrictions (glass, holes, dogs, etc) just don’t apply to them.
Fake news reports that aren’t totally truthful about beach happenings: Sea Lice, Vibrio, oil spill, etc.
Prices on certain goods and at #30a Restaurants.
Winters are great, Summers can be like Satan’s armpit.
Humidity: Don’t know if you’re wet from your shower or just sweating.
If you like winter..or snow, then Florida isn’t for you.
Lack of driving skills…mostly tourists…but not always.
Cooking stuff….and discussions.