Since 2006, AHI has added more and more insurance carriers, which in turn has saved its customers many thousands of dollars. This is accomplished by simply “shopping” insurance rates for its customers utilizing approximately 97% of all the available carriers. Again, the sheer number of carriers AHI is appointed with is the key to keeping customers rates in check year after year.

Additionally, our growth (since 2006) has allowed us to compile a staff of over 22 insurance professionals. 8 fulltime, licensed insurance agents have the training and experience that some other agencies simply do not have, to help even in the most difficult of scenarios.

Finally, AHI would like to issue a whole hearted thank you to all of our existing policy holders and people who refer AHI to their family, friends, and clients. AHI would not be where it is today or have experience its tremendous growth, without all their historical efforts – THANK YOU!

Dennis P. Gagnon, Jr