#inflation #economics #trouble  We may feel it when we pay for those goods but when we see the actual data and the results the statistics come out that kind of confirms what we’re feeling. What we’re seeing as we shop every day. So, uh, let’s kind of let’s jump into that and the non-farm payroll numbers came out the first of the month. That’s uh I think that comes out the first Friday of every month. Is that right Professor? Yes, yes, as long as the Friday isn’t like the first or second, um, but yes, you’re right the general rule is the first Friday of the new month. The previous month’s data is released. Right, so, we’ve already had in October the numbers came out for September and if I remember right this is a week or so ago the expectation was that we were going to add close to 500,000 or over 500,000 to the employment rolls. However, the number came out to be 194,000. So on the surface of that, that would that would be disappointing. Is that a true reading of that?