Charles Musgrove, host of The Answers That Count podcast. You know what we do, we to bring information to help you run your business, to operate your business, and today is going to be no exception. We’ve got great content for you today but before we get started do me a favor, hit the Subscribe button, also hit the like button and leave us some comments. We’re going to have great content on today’s show so leave us some comments, questions and we will get back to you on those comments that you leave us, or questions that you leave us. So, thank you for doing that. I appreciate you participating and subscribing. And today we have Brett Beemer. He’s joining us. He is a nonprofit expert and he is a partner with Seaton Hill. Brett, thank you for joining us.

Brett: Thank you, Charles. I’m looking forward to our time together.

Charles: This is gonna be a great show and Seaton Hill, I know a lot of you heard of who Seaton Hill is, well Seaton Hill Partners, they’re actually sponsoring today’s show. Also Seaton Hill Partners, they’re the fastest-growing strategic CFO firms in the nation. Yea, they’re nationwide now. So Brett, how many states or cities are they located in now?

Brett: We’re currently in 17 cities and have 50 partners and by the end of the year we expect to have over 100.