Press Releases.

We have all seen them. A company announces a partnership, a grand opening, expansion, or perhaps even a takeover. Some describe a new employee or location change. Whatever the subject matter, it is good to tell the press what your company is doing, and the PR instills confidence and trust by your customers that your business is the one to turn to. Press releases are not just confined to big business, small businesses benefit greatly when PR is reprinted in local papers, magazines, and perhaps on television. Further, the releases make their way through the internet as important landmarks in a business history and presence in the community.

So the big news is, Press Releases are not just text with pictures. The future of press and PR in general is VIDEO

Moreover, its is video related to the press releases you make. Google now ranks video higher in search results than just text on a web page. You must get with the times and start producing video. And that’s where 30A Media comes in. Our experience in TV and film puts us to the top of the skill sets needed to present the proper video to highlight the purpose of the announcement and to get the point across quickly and efficiently. And of course, to then distribute to the local, regional or even national press, as you decide the level of reach you want to make.

Contact 30A Media today for your next video press release. We have various levels to choose from, and we will guide you through the best options for your budget and intended message. You might notice, you just watched a video press release. More entertaining than reading a page, isn’t it !

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