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Paula stuff. Hydration word
Paul’s jokes this week….
Paul Mentioned something at Redd’s the other night, but I cannot remember what it was…I had had a few beers.
Setting the mood video. How Wes’s week went.
The week in News:
Activist Glues Her Breasts To The Road In London Protest
Mobster Whitey Bulger’s official cause of death finally revealed, six months after he died in prison
Florida Man card game: More than $15,000 was raised for production
You had one job: Road crew misspells ‘school’ on crosswalk
Orange County man arrested after pipe bomb lands in neighbor’s yard
Woman spray paints neighbor’s truck because she was sick of seeing it in street, deputies say
Easter Bunny gets into fight in Orlando…need to show video on this one.
The Most Perfect News Story Ever….wait for intro to reveal
Meth smoking Florida man attacks mattress in jealous rage, deputies say

New segment — India Man — Headlines and stories from our friends at a call center
Cardboard cops control traffic unless raining
Police lose password to web portal for 8 years
Goat arrested
Parrot Arrested
3 year old arrested for armed robbery – According to her parents, the attempt to incarcerate her was not the first time she had been accused of armed robbery – charges had been registered a year earlier when she was two years old.
Uncle Wes’s Spanish Lessons continued Phrases you SHOULD NOT USE:
TU HABLAS mexican
Esta es mi primera vez en Centro o Sudamérica.
¿Cuanto dinero ganas?
Darse prisa
Using Tu with an older person or Usted with anyone younger than 50
Tu Madre es una punta