This is a supercut of our day in Grayton Beach with friends and family. Grayton Beach is known as the locals beach and could arguably be placed as the #1 beach in the world.
We started off with breakfast at Bad Ass Coffee where we had a crumuffin for the first time. After breakfast, we explored The Shops of Grayton where we share the history of The New Dogs of Grayton mural, and toured Gulf Trace, one of the original subdivisions of Grayton. Then we walked down to the beach and viewed a lot of local art and ran into an informative Beach Ambassador, and Eric from The Red Bar. Next up we went back to The Shops of Grayton and visited The Shard Shop, and learned about their glass art workshops. By then, it was time to pick up the rest of the crew for lunch at Chiringo, a restaurant almost as close to the beach as you can get. So we had to figure out the parking situation at the beach. Once we were full of tacos and plantains, we went next door to The Zoo Gallery to check out some art, and then next door again to Tribe Kelley Surf Post, a USA made beach clothing shop owned by Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney. After some debate and confusion, we ended our day with some Pecan Jack’s ice cream and a trip to the beach for a crawfish boil. — Follow 30a Misfits on Youtube and beyond