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Today’s show brought to you by Gulf Coast Go Modern Air Solutions, LLC Mike Leonardi #florida
Worst or dumbest Ideas of All time:
Hydrogen Zeppelin or Blimp
Tanning Beds/sprays
Creating a Blackmail Website
Stealing a Shark: Video https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/shark-theft-aquarium-man-activist-texas-pushchair-baby-disguise-a8474611.html
A site that allows you to invite people to your funeral…and pick a DJ for the event.
Lawn Darts
Baby Mop Onesie.
Rear Gear for your dog’s booty hole
bar bubble
Show Umbrellas
Taxation…because it’s theft.
Polyjuice Jam
Wands ‘N’ Roses
Fantastic Beastie Boys And Where To Find Them
Lynyrd Slytherin
The Dobby Brothers
MegaDeath Eaters
The Griffindoors
Red Hot Chli Potters
Mad Eye Moody Blues

7.The Doop Doo da Doo game.