On this episode of 30A Misfits, we explore WaterColor FL along our journey up and down 30A Florida. WaterColor is a unique community, in that it’s nearly 500 acres wrap around some of the other communities on 30A. The main strip of shopping and attractions stretch along 30A between Grayton Beach and Seaside, but the rest of the community pushes to the north, and then to the east, and runs behind Seaside and even stretches a bit behind Seagrove.

Watercolor is a part of the former paper company St. Joe. St. Joe has now shifted away from using it’s land to develop trees for paper and now switched to real estate development. St. Joe is the largest land owner in the state of Florida so you will be hearing a lot about them in the coming videos.

We visit Scratch Biscuit Kitchen, Watercolor Bike Barn, and Pizza By The Sea.