In our fast-paced lives today, everybody needs a little simplicity and sunshine… Follow Josh Brown and his family from moving off-the-grid to starting a lifestyle brand about country living on the beach! Take adventures with us from the Florida Keys to Nashville, Tennessee, as we learn how other Beachbillies live the lifestyle, and witness the growth of a brand along the way. Beachbilly Lifestyle is all about sharing a southern good time with the people you love. Slow on down, you’ll fit right in, we’re all a bunch of Beachbillies!

The Beachbilly Lifestyle Show is a new television show pursuing a life filled with simplicity and sunshine through adventures along the Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast. What is a Beachbilly? A Beachbilly is any person who loves the beach, woods, farming, and all things simple.

A few years ago the Brown family decided they wanted a healthier way of life and more space for their 3 adventurous boys. With a beach loving city girl for a mom, and a beach loving country boy for a father, it is no surprise that they ended up about 15 minutes from the beach. They now live off the grid with their sons, 19 chickens and 3 rabbits. Watch their episodes on the 30A TV Network (

“The Beachbilly Lifestyle Show is super excited to be joining the 30A Broadcast Network, said Jessika and Josh Brown. Our family’s show fits right in with the 30A family because their philosophy and concepts match ours. Come alongside us as we continue our journey to simplicity and sunshine on the 30A Network and discover new adventures with our family along the beautiful Gulf Coast.”

Episode 1 is now available at