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•Proof that Florida Man isn’t the only idiot in this world

◦YouTube Gun Channels Are Now Posting Videos On Pornhub To Avoid Censorship

◦NJ Police Officers Suspended After Storming Domino’s Over Undelivered Pizza

◦Undercover Detroit police attempt to arrest each other in ’embarrassing’ drug bust

◦Missoula Montana, Pita Pit employee fired after viral video shows her spitting in customer’s food

◦A New Zealand man pleaded guilty in court to tricking a woman into sex by telling her that he had been poisoned and needed to “sweat out” the toxins.

◦In CT, Alleged Car Thief Drives Stolen Car to Court

◦A self-taught rocket scientist who believes the Earth is flat propelled himself about 1,875 feet into the air in his homemade vessel before a hard landing in the Mojave Desert that left him slightly bruised.

◦Billy Busch, great grandson of beer baron Adolphus Busch, is facing an assault charge for allegedly manhandling a sixth grader at his son’s school. DILLY DILLY

◦Zombies ahead? Warning prompts complaint from Englewood Cliffs. NJ police officer

◦North Carolina Mom Arrested After Facebook Video Appears to Show Toddler Smoking Pot

◦UK man Taught a Pug to Heil Hitler and Was Convicted of a Hate Crime

◦Romanian court tells man he is not alive. He spent 10 years in Turkey and his wife had him declared dead….he returned, but has to remain legally dead.


◦MANKATO, Minn. -A man was arrested for having a midnight snack in someone else’s house. He broke in and stole Chicken Nuggets

◦Deer butchered in front of Vegan Protestors #vegan

•Spring Break…FLORIDA MAN

◦A Sebastian Florida man was arrested early yesterday after telling police that his name was “Captain Dickhead.”